About the Return Man 3 Game

Unfair Mario is not your normal platform return man 3 game where there are helpful items and apparent dangers. Instead it is an incredibly frustrating but addicting version of old school Mario. All of the sounds, graphics and characters were created by Nintendo and will seem nice and familiar, but this twisted Mario game was created and modified by Ironwarrior. It looks and feels like Mario, providing a false sense of security until the first time the ground falls out from under him without warning or spikes appear from nowhere to kill him.

Like original Mario it is a simple side scrolling game, but you literally cannot actually trust anything in the environment at all. Harmless objects have been made deadly and extremely unpredictably deadly. It is far more challenging than the original platform Mario and it is a feat to make it through just the first level. Your goal is the same - reach the flag at the end of each level to go on to the next level. It is ev…